Friday Catastrophic Plans

Premium $ || Deductible $$$$

For the Individual Who: Is under 30, worried about health emergencies, and wants easy access to doctors year-round to stay and get healthy.

This is our most basic plan with a price that’s tough to beat. With a higher deductible, this plan is a safety net for if you get really sick or hurt. Three free primary care visits are included so you can get those random ills and injuries checked out. And of course it includes free in-network preventive doctor visits for your annual check-up and free medications like birth control.


The Friday Catastrophic Plan is designed for folks under 30 years old who need the most basic of basics. It will be there for you in case of an accident or if you get really sick. You even get 3 free in-network primary care doctor visits at no cost when you’re feeling under the weather. Because this plan is focused on basic stuff, it often has a pretty nice price tag!

Benefits of Friday’s Standard Catastrophic Plan include:

Plans/Visits Cost
Individual Deductible/Family $8,700 / $17,400
Individual Max Out-of-Pocket/Family $8,700 / $17,400
Annual Wellness Exam $0 Copay
Primary Care Visit 3 Visits at $0, then
$0 after Deductible
Mental Health Visit $0 after Deductible
Specialist Visit $0 after Deductible
Annual Eye Exam $0 Copay
Teledoc $0 per Visit
Urgent Care Visit $0 after Deductible
X-ray and Imaging $0 after Deductible
Inpatient Stay $0 after Deductible
Emergency Room $0 after Deductible






















Drugs Cost
Preventive ACA Drugs $0
Preferred Generic $0 after Deductible
Preferred Brand $0 after Deductible
Non-Preferred Generic/Brand $0 after Deductible
Specialty Drugs $0 after Deductible


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